Knowing the Law on Deed’s

Contract of Deed

Regardless of what type of investing you are on the market for in the real estate world, you always want to make sure you have a contract for the deed. Knowing the law and the how it obtains to your deed is one of the most crucial steps in your investing process. We all need to protect ourselves and our assets.

Troy Fullwood knows that having a deed and knowing the law in your area is critical. Taking the time to review your local area and state laws can protect you long term and also keep your investments protected. You should also consider knowing a good real estate lawyer just to make sure you have the appropriate information that obtains to the law.

In this recent article Troy came across, it would be beneficial to take a look and check out your state laws. The more you keep yourself educated and in the loop, the more chances you have to protect yourself.

A contract for deed is useful in situations  such as where the buyer cannot easily obtain financing from other sources or outlets.  It allows the seller to retain the title to the property and agree to transfer the title to the buyer once all the payments under the agreement are made and all other obligations are met. The seller finances the purchase and holds the title or deed as security.  A contract for deed also allows seller to gain interest income from the outstanding balance.

No matter what the situation is, know how to protect yourself and others. The key in any successful business is carrying integrity and ethics making sure all parties are protected.